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Liberal Arts

release date 05 October '12

12A rated certificate
what's the story

A witty and bittersweet cross-generational comedy-drama, LIBERAL ARTS sees writer/director Josh Radnor play Jesse, a university admissions officer living in New York who, at 35, is jaded in both his career and his personal life as a long-term relationship comes to an end.

While often funny and gently poking fun at youth's obsession with self and significance, LIBERAL ARTS is ultimately an elegy to the raw passions of such halcyon days, perfectly capturing the tension between the untainted ideas and visions we had at that age, and the very different realities and compromises of adult life.

genre(s):  Comedy
director:  Josh Radnor
film cast:  Allison Janney, Elizabeth Olsen, Elizabeth Reaser, John Magaro, Josh Radnor
certificate:  12A
distributor:  Picturehouse/revolver
running time:  97 Mins

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