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Juan Of The Dead

release date 04 May '12

15 rated certificate
what's the story

Juan is 40 years old, most of which he has spent living in Cuba without doing absolutey anything. It’s his way of life, and he’s willing to go as far as he can to defend it. Always with him is his faithful friend Lázaro, as lazy as Juan but twice as dumb. Juan’s only emotional tie is his daughter, Camila, a young and beautiful girl that doesn’t want anything to do with her father because the only thing he’s good at is getting into trouble.

One day some strange things start to happen in town: people are turning violent and attacking one another. In the beginning, Juan is convinced it’s just another stage of the Revolutio. Official media are refering to the attacks as isolate incidents provocked by dissidents paid for by the United States government. Little by little Juan and his friends start to realice that this atteckers are not normal human beings and that to kill them is quite a difficult task. They’re not vampires, they’re not possesed, but they’re deffinetely not dissidents; a simple bite turns the victim into another violent killing machine and the only way to dispose of them is destroying their brains.

Juan decides the best way to face the situation is make some money with it. “Juan of the Dead, we kill your beloved ones” becomes his slogan. Lázaro, his son Vladi, and Camila (who didn’t have a choice but joining her father once he saved her when her grandma tried to eat her) are his army, and his mission is to help people get rid of the infected ones around them… at a reasonable price.

But this plague of bloodthirsty killers is out of control. The population is helpless. There comes a moment in which the only way out they find is throw themselves to the sea trying to run away from an island that has become a real carnage, and Juan has no choice but to do what he always avoided doing in his life: take some responsibility and become a hero, guiding his beloved ones with the hope of getting them all safe out of the madness that has become a Havana riddled with flesh eating zombies.

genre(s):  Comedy
director:  Alejandro Brugues
film cast:  Alexis Diaz de Villegas, Andrea Duro, Andros Perugorria, Blanca Rosa Blanco, Eliecer Ramirez
certificate:  15
distributor:  Metrodome
running time:  92 Mins
official site:  visit website

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