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Forgiveness Of Blood

release date 10 August '12

what's the story

The new film from the director of MARIA FULL OF GRACE is a story of family feuds and the honour of a bloodline. Nik is a normal 17-year-old in the last year of high school ready to embark on his first romance and the opening of his own cafe after graduation. But then a local land dispute results in his father being accused of murder, Nik and the male members of his family are forced under house arrest. Nik's sister Rudina has to leave school to take over the family business and whilst she flourishes with her new found responsibility, Nik's resentment at his enforced isolation causes him to try and end the feud even though it may cost him his life.

genre(s):  Drama
director:  Joshua Marston
film cast:  Ilire Vinca Celaj, Refet Abazi, Sindi Lacej, Tristan Halilaj
distributor:  Soda Pictures
running time:  109 Mins

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