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release date 28 September '12

15 rated certificate
what's the story

In Rian Johnson’s highly anticipated action thriller, Joe works as a looper, a futuristic assassin who receives and eliminates targets sent back in time by a criminal organisation. The only rule is that you do not let your target escape – even if that target is you.

In the year 2042 time travel has not yet been invented. But in 30 years it will have been.

LOOPER stars Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Emily Blunt and is released September 28.

genre(s):  Action
director:  Rian Johnson
film cast:  Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Garret Dillahunt, Jeff Daniels, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
certificate:  15
distributor:  Eone Films
running time:  118 Mins

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27th Sep 12'
In 2005, writer-director Rian Johnson made a big splash with his ambitious debut, Brick, which set a classic noir detective story in a modern-day California high school. The Maryland-born film-maker is back on fine form with this ingeniously plotted thriller that exploits the gaping plot holes afforded by time travel. Looper demands constant vigilance from the audience to keep track of alternate, intersecting timelines.

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